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Increase in tax rates in 2017

Dec 28, 2016 | 0 comments

With entry in 2017, there will be increases in some national products and services.  Electricity will increase by 1.2%, natural gas will maintain the same prices until 30 June and may vary from 1 July (as is usually the case each year) and, with regard to water, the updating of tariffs is carried out by the different municipalities. For tobacco, it is expected to increase by 10 cents, as well as the rate for beer and spirits, which is also expected to increase by 3%. In relation to rents, Vehicle Tax and IUC, they are increased by 0.54%, 3.2% and 0.8% respectively, and IUC can reach 8.8% for the most polluting vehicles. In some tolls, there will also be an increase in the amount paid, up to 10 cents. Public transport increases 1.5% but it will now be possible to deduct VAT on personal income tax up to a limit of 250 euros.

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