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Fiscal Agenda for March 2017

Mar 24, 2017 | 0 comments


Fiscal Agenda for March 2017
Until day Obligations Description
10 IVA (value added tax) Forwarding of the periodic statement, together with the annexes which prove to be due, by taxable persons under the normal monthly system for transactions carried out in January 2017 and payment.
10 IRS (Personal Income Tax) Deadline for the submission of the Monthly Statement of Remuneration (AT) for the previous month, via the Internet, by the entities in receipt of income.
10 IRS (Personal Income Tax) Submission of the Monthly Statement of Remuneration – tax withholdings, deductions made in respect of compulsory contributions to social protection systems and legal health subsystems and union dues, for the month of February 2017 – dependent work.
20 IRC/IRS/IS Forwarding of the declaration on withholding taxes on IRS/IRC/IS, settlement and payment in respect of February 2017
20 Social security Payment of contributions, via the corresponding guide, for February 2017.
20 IVA Forwarding of the monthly summary statement for February 2017 (intra-Community transmissions and provision of services).
26 IVA Communication of invoice details for February 2017
28 IRS/IRC Declaration of income paid or made available to non-resident taxable persons in January 2017.
28 IUC (Car Circulation Tax) Payment of the single circulation tax for vehicles whose anniversary occurs this month;
31 IRC 1st Special Payment on Account


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