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Newsletter June 2020

Jul 1, 2020 | 0 comments

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”10165″ img_size=”full”][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6mAxsASIs0&t=4s”][vc_column_text]Government refuses to reduce withholding tax on IRS. VAT of the light is to be lowered, but there is no date

António Mendonça Mendes said today in Parliament that the IRS withholding tables have been adjusted in recent years and refused to proceed now with changes that would allow taxpayers to advance smaller amounts to the tax authorities in pandemic times.

Another proposal that marked the beginning of the debate on the supplementary budget this Tuesday in Parliament, was the VAT on electricity. The left has a proposal to move forward now and Duarte Pacheco, of the PSD, wanted to know if “the Government is in a position to comply and Parliament will help, or will it be difficult to fulfill what the Government has committed to the Portuguese?” .

António Mendonça Mendes assured that yes, that the promise is to fulfill this year, but did not advance dates. “This legislative authorization has conditions to be carried out, there is not the slightest doubt on this topic, the entire Government has already had the opportunity to reaffirm this intention here in the AR”. However, this “depends on technical details that have to do with the operationalization of the measure and that the billing may reflect the decision, which is complex and marked out, in order to allow a rational use of energy”, he explained. “We intend to implement it, so that the diploma meets all conditions”.


Pandemic suspends review of IMI coefficients

The proposal with the new values ​​of the location coefficients for the purposes of IMI was completed and was even sent to Finance, but the process has been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic and there is no timetable to start over. Values ​​for Lisbon would go up.


Government recognizes errors in refusing support to independents and says they will correct it

The Government recognizes that the lack of updated information in the Social Security system may be leading to the rejection of requests for support from independents and guarantees that they will correct these situations.

The clarification comes after the association “Precários inflexíveis” denounced cases of self-employed workers who after months of waiting saw their request for support refused without much reasoning.

Faced with these cases, the Secretary of State for Social Security acknowledged in Parliament that the information in the Social Security system may not be up to date.


New support of 439 euros will cover independents who already make discounts

The guarantee was left in Parliament by the Secretary of State for Social Security, Gabriel Bastos. The new support to be granted between July and December will not exclude people who already have discounts, such as self-employed workers who are already in the system or domestic service workers. The details are yet to be discussed in the Council of Ministers.


Simplified lay off will change. State pays for hours not worked

Companies that are closed for legal reasons can continue to receive the simplified lay off. The others can only receive for hours not worked.

“The objective is not that companies keep reducing activity, but that they are resuming activity as market opportunities”, emphasizes the Prime Minister.

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