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Tech Visa Programme

Jun 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Tech Visa Programme



Article written by: Daniela Esteves ([email protected])

In partnership with Centuro, Finpartner wrote an article about: Tech Visa Programme

“The technological and innovative sector has been experiencing a rapid growth in Portugal. In response to this growth, and in consideration of the need for hiring new and qualified workers, often times nationals of third countries, the Portuguese Government has taken steps to allow greater agility in the granting of residency / authorized residence permit visas for these professionals. These measures have been put in place within the scope of the Tech Visa Programme.

TechVisa has also been adopted in different countries such as France, Greece, Chile and the United Kingdom.
The TechVisa program, in place since January 1st 2019, is aimed at companies present in the global market, which have their head office or permanent establishment in Portuguese territory, and who wish to attract professionals to Portugal, from non-EU countries, highly qualified to work in Portugal through granting, in a more simplified way, visas and residence permits. “


➡️  Article on pages 12 & 13


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