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Fiscal Calendar – December 2021

Dec 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Fiscal Calendar – December 2021



Tax Date Obligation
IRS Until 10th Delivery of remunerations monthly statement
Social Security Until 10th Delivery of remunerations statement
IRS/IRC/IVA Until 13th Sending of SAFT file
IRC Until 15th 3rd Payment on Account and Additional Payment on Account
VAT Until 20th Delivery of VAT statement – monthly regime
FCT/FGCT Until 20th Payment of compensation funds
Social Security Until 20th Payment of Social Security contributions
IRS/IRC Until 20th Withholding tax payments of IRS and IRC
IRS Until 20th 3rd Payment on Account – Category B
VAT Until 20th Delivery of VAT summary statement – monthly regime
VAT Until 30th Payment of monthly VAT
Stamp Duty Until 20th Delivery of monthly declaration of stamp duty
IUC Until 31st Payment applicable to vehicles registered in December
IRS/IRC Until 31st Sending of Declaration Modelo 30



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