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Fiscal Calendar – March 2023

Mar 14, 2023 | 0 comments

Fiscal Calendar – March 2023



Tax Date Requirement
VAT Until the 20th Deliver monthly VAT
VAT Until the 20th Delivery of VAT recapitulative statement
IRS Until the 20th Payment DMR
SS Until the 20th Payment DRI
FCT/FGCT Until the 20th Payment of Compensation Funds
IS Until the 20th DMIS submission and payment
IRS/ IRC Until the 20th Payment of IRS/IRC withholdings
VAT Until the 27th VAT payment for January
IRS/IRC Until the 31st Model 30 submission
IRS Until the 31st Consultation of expenses for deduction to the IRS collection and if applicable claim
Option for Simplified Regime/ Organized Accounting IRS Until the 31st Change from Simplified Regime to Organized Accounting IRS or vice versa
IUC Until the 31st Payment of IUC
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