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Closure of Public Services

Mar 25, 2020 | 0 Comentarios

Due to COVID-19 and all the constraints caused by this pandemic situation, all public services will be closed to the public, such as Foreigners and Border Services, Tax Authority and Social Security.
All these constraints are also affecting the renovation of the residency card, namely the non-receiving on time of the notification to cancel the card for the persons who would be, in a short time renovating his residency card. In SEF´s portal, at this time only appears information related with the renovation appointment. Currently, SEF portal only shows information related to appointments.
However, even so the public services are closed, to promote social distance and isolation, the phone contact service is operating.
Some of the information’s that are important to disclose at this time are:

  • The term for the renovation of the residency card will be extended until late June 2020.
  • SEF will notify, by phone contact, to reschedule the appointment do renovate the residency card.

Once more, we would like to emphasize to our clients that Finpartner is always available to clarify any questions our clients may have.

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