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Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. – John W. Gardner

Founded in 2006, Finpartner has become an specialist in providing accounting, tax and consulting services to national and international clients.

Our activities are focused in national and international companies, as well as individuals, always ensuring accounting, consulting and tax advisory services in the highest level, and responding to all the challenges that the economic and fiscal scenery requires us to.

Our working method favors the personal and permanent contact with our customers in order to always be an active partner in the development of its activity. We adapt to your particular situation in order to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our values help us work to be more efficient and proactive. Finpartner bases its services on rigor, integrity and efficiency, adopting a proactive and neutral attitude in its working methods.

We work to be a national and international reference in our sector, always applying the best practices. We bet on a permanent innovation, thus assuming a strong identity, recognized by the technical competence through the provision of a service of excellence.

Our mission is to constantly improve our services, thus contributing to the development and sustainable growth of your business.


Big results require big ambitions. – Heraclitus


A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable team. – Vivek Wadhwa

Our team consists of experienced, dynamic and dedicated professionals, qualified for the work they perform, thus ensuring technical skills and responsibility for the services they provide.

Focusing on continuous training and the mutual support of our professionals, we always try to adapt ourselves to the different challenges presented by our customers.

It is the quality of the technicians who make up our team that comes to ensuring the excellence of services provided by Finpartner.

Finpartner has an extensive national and international experience, working with clients of different nationalities and which has lead us to acquiring a high level of experience and flexibility.

We also have partners in different parts of Europe, that complement our service whenever necessary with their expertise, which allow us to provide a personal and diversified monitoring to our clients.


You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. – Albert Camus