Accounting & Tax Planning Issues

Finpartner does the accounting and supports its customers in the planning of their taxes, taking into account the developments in the activity of each one and results monthly and annually, in order to make easier the implementation of the tax obligations that are necessary and vital to business survival.
The reporting obligations are assumed and fulfilled by Finpartner from the generated accounting information in order to obtain the maximum tax efficiency for our customers, in strict compliance with legal regulations.
Among these services are:

  • Elaboration of accounting under the principles of the Accounting Normalization System;
  • Preparing financial Statements;
  • Elaboration of the tax file;
  • Cumprimento de todas as obrigações legais;
  • Fulfillment of all legal obligations;
  • Planning and preparing all fiscal obligations required by law;
  • Invoicing services and communication to Tax Authority (via SAFT);
  • Reports and/or information supporting the management according to the client’s needs.