Consulting and Taxation Services

Because we know the importance of tax issues in business life of our customers, in Finpartner we provide a team of qualified professionals, ready to find a solution that is effective, clear and adapted to the specific needs of each client.
With a growing concern from all entities and individuals regarding tax obligations, especially regarding the correct timing to deliver them, we try to ensure and define the best procedures for VAT, personal and corporate income.
We go beyond tax obligations, providing support, advise and handling all of the associated issues, according to the needs and requests of customers.
Among these services are:

  • Responsibility of Official Accounting Technician;
  • Client’s counseling and support regarding all fiscal matters;
  • Defining fiscal strategies in order to obtain the best of the existing benefits;
  • Support to all tax audits and inquiries by the Tax Authorities;
  • Information to INE and Bank of Portugal;
  • Control of payment deadlines and other obligations;
  • Annual budget and monthly deviations control;
  • Operating and cash-flow budgets;
  • Economic and financial analysis.