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Fiscal Calendar – May 2021

5月 4, 2021 | 0 条评论

Fiscal Calendar – May



Tax Date Obligation
IRS Until 10th Delivery of remunerations monthly statement
Social Security Until 10th Delivery of remunerations statement
IRS/IRC/IVA Until 12th Sending of SAFT file
VAT Until 20th Delivery of VAT statement – monthly and quarterly regime
FCT/FGCT Until 20th Payment of compensation funds
Social Security Until 20th Payment of Social Security contributions
IRS/IRC Until 20th Withholding tax payments of IRS and IRC
VAT Until 20th Delivery of VAT summary statement – monthly regime
Stamp Duty Until 20th Delivery of monthly declaration of stamp duty
VAT Until 25th VAT payment – monthly and quarterly regime
IUC Until 30th Payment applicable to vehicles registered in may
IRS/IRC Until 31st Sending of Declaration Modelo 30



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